Parent Interviews

The latest round of Parent Teacher Interviews will be available on the following dates:

Wednesday 13th February and

Thursday 21st February

Your son or daughter should preferably attend the interview with you.

Interview sessions are available from 2pm-6.45pm on Wednesday 13th August from 3.45pm-6.45pm on Thursday 21st February.

School will finish at lunchtime (1.20pm) on Wednesday 13th February only – bus children will be supervised at school until 3.15pm. Each interview session runs for 7 minutes.

To book your interviews go to:

Enter the code: 4g4r7

Follow the on-screen instructions

If you do not have internet access you can either call into the school office or ring us 443 0499 for a member of staff to make appointments for you.

For more information click here

Andrew Miller,
6 Feb 2019, 17:32