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Mount Aspiring College buildings, grounds and facilities must rank among the best in the country. It was built as a new college in 1986.

College Population

The college has a current roll of approximately 870 plus 30 overseas students. The college is experiencing a positive growth pattern. The small size of the college is seen as one of its major strengths, with a supportive family atmosphere in which all individuals are recognised.

Ethnically the college population is predominantly of European origin with approximately 10% of students having Māori or Polynesian ancestry. The college's socio-economic background is best described as middle class with a significant component of rural and self-employed families.

Approximately 30% of students travel by bus and the nearest secondary college is 52km away. Contributing schools are Wanaka Primary, Holy Family Wanaka, Hawea Flat Primary, Tarras and Makarora.

Academic Courses

MAC Year & Class Photos 2011

The college has achieved excellent academic results over the years and has utilised the local environment in its comprehensive Outdoor Education programme. A wide range of subjects are offered at all levels and class sizes are small.

Outdoor education, with special Year 12 and Year 13 courses in Outdoor Pursuits and camps and activities for all levels, rates as a special characteristic of the college.

Visiting support is supplied by a variety of specialists; health professionals, psychologists, educational professionals, tertiary liaison officers, careers advisors and guidance counsellors. In addition the college utilises the Correspondence School, Otagonet for eLearning, the Otago Polytechnic, Central Otago Education Centre and Rural Education Activities Programme. Free medical consultations are available to students twice a week.

The college enjoys widespread community involvement, particularly through continuing education classes and community use of facilities.


The full complement of buildings includes: general classrooms, two laboratories, two art rooms, two food technology rooms, three computer suites plus two pods of wireless laptops, music suite, library information centre, technology suite and specialist graphics room, outdoor pursuits centre, overseas students centre, gymnasium, senior student common room and two video conferencing units. The buildings are sited on seven hectares of playing fields, gardens and lawns. A twenty five metre indoor heated community pool is adjacent to the college grounds.

In 2003 the college added a spacious new facility to accommodate Dance and Drama. The Performance Room was purpose built with a sprung floor, dance bar, mirrors, specialised lighting and sound systems. The room is available for public use and community dance and drama groups make use of the facility.

Mount Aspiring College Hostel which caters for 30 senior students from throughout New Zealand in a supervised flatting environment is sited adjacent to the college grounds and enjoys spectacular views of the lake and mountains. The purpose built Mount Aspiring College International Language Centre caters for ESOL students, both integrated and adult. Both facilities were constructed in 1997.

The college is equipped with a network of 150 computers, all with fast broadband Internet access. Students have their own accounts for the network, email and internet. The college is also well equipped with built-in data projectors in most rooms and several other portable data projectors and electronic whiteboards. A wireless network has been installed which allows staff and students to access the internet using their own eletronic devices from any part of the campus.

A combination of excellent facilities, caring staff and a healthy environment gives students in the area a privileged educational opportunity.

Educational Aims

To deliver a high quality programme for learners which encourages high personal achievement, independence and success, based upon the New Zealand Curriculum Framework and other related documents.

Student Progress and Achievement

To monitor student progress and achievement against national achievement objectives and implement strategies which overcome barriers to learning and to regularly monitor, record and report on each child's progress, and to inform and involve parents, as required, when making decisions about each child's learning needs and priorities.

School Self-Review

To maintain an on-going programme of school self-review to gauge how well we are achieving our objectives, and to decide future priorities.


To recognise the unique position of Te Reo Maori and the Maori people in New Zealand society.

Other Cultures

To recognise cultural diversity in the school's practices and policies, to help children develop an understanding and appreciation of other cultures, and to be tolerant of differences.

Community Consultation, Partnership and Involvement

To keep the community well informed of the school's plans and activities, and to encourage their interest and support for the school.


To implement positive personnel and industrial policies which recognise the value of staff and promote staff performance through professional development and performance management.


To use the school's funds to the best advantage of teaching and children's learning according to clearly identified priorities.


To ensure the school's buildings, facilities and equipment provide a safe, well-maintained, pleasant and healthy learning and working environment.

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