Student Services

Pastoral Care

The whanau system is the basis of the pastoral care system. Each whanau group contains approximately 17 students ranging from year 7 to year 13, and a whanau teacher.  Students stay in the same group for their entire time at the college, developing strong bonds with their whanau group and teacher.  Whanau groups meet on a daily basis.

Each whanau group belongs to one of four houses (Barker, Iron, Pisa and Roy) and a wide range of sporting and cultural activities and competitions take place within and between houses.

House event at the lakefront

In addition there is a dean allocated to each year level, and they meet with their year level group on a weekly basis. Whilst deans are the first port of call for disciplinary matters their role includes guidance and encouraging and maintaining appropriate standards through positive reinforcement and encouragement.

A full college assembly is takes place once a week, led by the Principal, which showcases student talent and acknowledges positive achievements and successes.


A full-time guidance counsellor is available to students for consultation on personal, confidential and career or vocational matters. Where necessary students are referred to specialist outside agencies.

Urspace - 'Your S(Social) P(Personal) and C(Careers) E(Education)'

The guidance counsellor is supported by two additional staff members. The first is a trained clinical psychologist who available part-time to work with individual students. The second is available on a full-time basis to work with individual students on their transition to work, including organising work experience, and mentoring individual students.


Special Needs

A special needs co-ordinator is available to organise specialist learning assistance for students with special needs.  A number of teacher aides are employed as required to assist individual students or work with groups of students either within, or outside, their normal classroom.

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