Student Life

Bring Your Own Device (BOYD)

In 2017 Year 12 and 13 students will be required to bring an electronic device to use for school work. For more information on the ideas, policies and structure behind this innovation, click the link below for all the details.

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Duke of Edinburgh Award

Students have the opportunity to complete this programme which is made up of non-competitive activities to challenge the individual and encourage them to use their recreational time in a balanced way.

Students are required to complete four specified sections – skill, physical recreation, service and expedition, and the award commences at Bronze level, progressing through Silver to Gold.

2013 Virtual Art ExhibitionFine Arts and Design

A virtual gallery for a selection of this year's artwork has been created and is available to view on-line.
 Click here to visit the gallery page.For a number of years now the painting, drawing, photography and design has been prospering in Mount Aspiring College. There have been outstanding results including the highest scholarship mark in the country.

Gifted and Talented

The Rutherford Programme has been operating successful at the college for several years to challenge and extend our capable students through a variety of approaches. The programme aims to support classroom teachers in their quest to help each child to reach their true potential, and operates as part of the timetabled programme in Years 7 to 10 and as an extracurricular activity in Years 11 to 13.


Urspace - 'Your S(Social) P(Personal) and C(Careers) E(Education)'

A full-time guidance counsellor is available to students for consultation on personal, confidential and career or vocational matters. Where necessary students are referred to specialist outside agencies.

The guidance counsellor is supported by two additional staff members. The first is a trained clinical psychologist who available part-time to work with individual students. The second is available on a full-time basis to work with individual students on their transition to work, including organising work experience, and mentoring individual students.

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Internet Use

MAC Wireless Info

Mount Aspiring College has a state of the art wireless internet system that encompasses the entire campus (including the Hostel). Students are able to use this network and access the internet through their own laptops and devices, though here are also 200+ Chromebooks distributed throughout the school, as well as Computer Labs and purpose-specific computers in the Arts & Music departments.

Student internet use is restricted and monitored. All students are bound to an agreement of responsible usage before they are able to use this system. To see more information of this click here to visit the Wireless webpage which includes downloadable forms and proxy setting to enable access.

MAC Magazine

The Mount Aspiring College Magazine is produced annually to record and document the extensive exciting goings-on at the college. Usual procedure is that two or more senior students, normally from design based classes, provide the design template and also layout a large percentage of the magazine.

The pages contain formal class, whanau and staff photographs, plus pieces on various trips and activities held throughout the year. Click here (or on the image opposite) to visit the MAC-Mag webpage to see this years edition and also the archive of several back issues.

Click here to visit the MAC Magazine webpage

Pastoral Care

The whanau system is the basis of the pastoral care system. Each whanau group is made up of around twenty four students ranging from year 7 to year 13, and a whanau teacher. Students stay in the same group for their entire time at the college, developing strong bonds with their whanau group and teacher. Whanau groups meet on a daily basis.

Each whanau group belongs to one of four houses (Barker, Iron, Pisa and Roy) and a wide range of sporting and cultural activities and competitions take place within and between houses.

In addition there is a dean allocated to each year level, and they meet with their year level group on a weekly basis. Whilst deans are the first port of call for disciplinary matters their role includes guidance and encouraging and maintaining appropriate standards through positive reinforcement and encouragement.

A full college assembly is takes place once a week, led by the Principal, which showcases student talent and acknowledges positive achievements and successes.

Performing Arts

Performing Arts

The performance room and music suite, including practice rooms, are an integral part of the college. The college offers free musical tuition in a wide range of instruments. Performance groups include bands, choir, and Maori culture.

A number of opportunities arise during the year for students to be involved in cultural activities, including Stage Challenge and the college performance (run on alternating years), Shakespeare, RockQuest, Prizegiving and house events.

Snow Programmes

The College has a relationship with local Snow Academies and arrangements may be made in Term 3 for students who are elite winter athletes to attend their ski and snow programmes, at the discretion of the Principal.

Special Needs

A comprehensive programme exists for students who require extra assistance at college. This includes remedial (LEAP) and extension programmes (Rutherford) in consultation with classroom teachers. Other assistance is offered through outside agencies e.g. health, speech, hearing and vision and psychological service.

Sports and Clubs

A range of sporting and outdoor activities are offered outside of the curriculum, in many cases in collaboration with local sports clubs. These include athletics, badminton, basketball, cricket, cross country, equestrian, golf, hockey, ice hockey, karate, kayaking, netball, rugby, rock climbing, squash, soccer, touch rugby, shooting, skiing, snowboarding, swimming, tennis, volleyball and yachting.

The best way to keep in touch with what is going on at MAC sports-wise is through Sports Hub. There is a frequently updated blog with up coming events and list of achievements and results. Click here to go to the MAC Sports Hub Facebook Page.

Student Council

An avenue for students to present their views to the staff and to the Board of Trustees is through the Student Council, which consists of senior students, under the direction of an elected executive. The council also raises money for college projects.

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