Wireless Enabling for Students Devices at MAC


This page outlines the procedure for joining the wireless network here at Mount Aspiring College.

Firstly, there are four parameters that have to be met before access to the wireless network here at MAC can be granted.

  • You must be the owner of the device you wish to connect.
  • You must have an accepted Anti-Virus (AV) program installed, running and updated. Windows 10 & 8.1 users may use the integrated "Windows Defender", Windows 7 and earlier users must have installed and licensed one separately. Mac users should install an appropriate alternative, iAntiVirus being an accepted free one.

  • The Windows machine operating system must be at least XP Service Pack 3 and the Macintosh laptop must be OS X.

Installing MAC's Security Certificate Authority (Allows Access to More Material)

1.  You will need to login using your school username and password.  When you see the "Sign in and Surf" box go for it!

If your browser allows it you can save your username and password.

2.  To use Facebook (or any https site that is classified as "Social Networking" or "Streaming Video") you will need to download and install a security certificate. Some APP versions of these sites won't work, but usually if you open your browser and go to their website it will. We are looking at changes that can be made to allow Apps in the near future.

OSX and iOS users should right click the downloaded file and "open" or "install" it.  You can email the file to yourself if you want.

Windows users should right click the file and choose "Install Certificate".  When prompted for a location choose "place all certificates in the following store", click browse and choose "Trusted Root Certification Authorities".

You may need to wait a few minutes and restart your browser before you use Facebook.

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