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This page is supported by the Wanaka Alcohol Group (WAG) and initiatives from it’s AlcoholWise Wanaka (AWW) Campaign.

By supporting youth, parents and the community, the aim is to create parenting on the same wavelength and ultimately empowering our community to make positive choices for healthy living.

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‘A parent’s Perspective on youth and alcohol’.

This survey explored one quarter of the Mount Aspiring College parent population’s perspectives on alcohol consumption by under 18s.

It was found that the majority of respondents were comfortable with their young person consuming alcohol from 16 years of age, and over half of respondents supplied their young person with alcohol. However, there was a notion that parents felt pressured to supply the alcohol. 

It was made apparent that alcohol harm reduction interventions need to be tied into a whole community objective of decoupling alcohol with normalisation. This can be achieved at three levels: increase personal ability to resist pressure; reduce social supply pressure; and change local social norms surrounding alcohol consumption.

Click here for the full report

Brainwave Trust Videos

Some great videos here from the Brainwave Trust. The Early Years Last Forever was the theme. Click on the links below for some engaging videos.

No Safe Limits Website

This months newsletter from the very informative No Safe Limits has a load of informative articles on all kinds of issues. 

"As a parent you can provide your child with info about the effects of alcohol and support them to delay starting drinking."

Issues covered this month: 
Talking To Your Teenagers
Alcohol and Cancer
Parties At Your Home
The Teenage Brain
Alcohol Free Events

BU Dance Performance

Click here to view our MAC students promote Youth Messages at the Festival of Sport and Recreation.

We recommend conversations in your home

Be informed... Read the ‘whanau pack’... and click on the helpful links below

Factors that influence teenager’s drinking.


The effects alcohol has on the teenage brain



What to do when things go wrong


HPA has produced a booklet resource Alcohol & your kids with accompanying online videos. This booklet is for parents and caregivers. It includes most of the information found on this webpage.

Download 'Alcohol & your kids' booklet PDF (4.15MB)

Watch the videos that go with the booklet Alcohol & your kids


Advice on hosting a party at your place


Advice on parties at someone else’s place


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