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This page is supported by the Wanaka Alcohol Group (WAG) and initiatives from it’s AlcoholWise Wanaka (AWW) Campaign.

By supporting youth, parents and the community, the aim is to create parenting on the same wavelength and ultimately empowering our community to make positive choices for healthy living.

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Brainwave Trust Videos

Protective Factors

Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder

The Brain Structure


The Firing of the Brain

Lack of Interaction

Serve & Return

Survey:  ‘A parent’s Perspective on youth and alcohol’.

For those parents of yr 9 – 13 students who have not already responded and have lost email details, please click on the link and offer your feedback.


Over 100 responses have been received from parents within the first week of the latest survey being conducted by the Wanaka Alcohol Group and partnered by Mount Aspiring College, focusing on a ‘Parents Perspective’ of youth and alcohol. This initiative was a recommendation from the ‘Harming you, Harming Me’ report after the 2016 survey investigated Yr 9 - Yr 11 youth behaviours around alcohol.

In his covering email to all yr 9 – yr 13 parents, Principal Mr Wayne Bosley said “Research in education significantly guides the way we approach student learning and the support we can offer our parent community. Recognising this, Mount Aspiring College is partnering a ‘Parent Survey’ being conducted by the Wanaka Alcohol Group this month. “

Rachel Brown, Chair of the Wanaka Alcohol Groups said “It is important to get numerous and wide-ranging responses from parents, so we gain a more accurate picture of our community and ultimately how best to support our families.”

The Wanaka Alcohol Group has a range of initiatives rolling out in their endeavours to empower members of the community to make positive choices for healthy lifestyles.

BU Dance Performance

Click here to view our MAC students promote Youth Messages at the Festival of Sport and Recreation.

We recommend conversations in your home

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Factors that influence teenager’s drinking.


The effects alcohol has on the teenage brain



What to do when things go wrong


HPA has produced a booklet resource Alcohol & your kids with accompanying online videos. This booklet is for parents and caregivers. It includes most of the information found on this webpage.

Download 'Alcohol & your kids' booklet PDF (4.15MB)

Watch the videos that go with the booklet Alcohol & your kids


Advice on hosting a party at your place


Advice on parties at someone else’s place


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