MAC Goldrush Team


The MAC Goldrush Team

While most students would have been enjoying a nice, relaxing long Anniversary Weekend, a brave few were pushing themselves to their limits in the three day, 375km Multisport race known as Goldrush. Those few were Harry Llewellyn, Constantin Vogt, Liam Vincent and their support crew Chris Waugh. They set out on Friday after school to Alexandra where we had a race briefing with the hundreds of competitors - including 22 school teams.

After a coolish night spent in a camping ground they set off to the start line where Harry had an amazing 30km kayak right into a head wind. They were flying along, coming out sixth overall. From here it was their weakest leg - a 35km mountain bike which was almost all uphill (a considerable achievement, considering this was Liam's second decent go on a Mouintainbike). Then Constantin brought it home with a great 18km mountain run to put us in the school lead overnight by just over a minute.

After waking up the next morning at Manorburn Dam with ice on their tents they knew that it would be a cool morning. The day started with a 52km mountain bike known as the "Serpentine", then a 24km road bike, a 15km run on the Rail Trail and a 58km mountain bike over Thompson's Gorge to finish. They knew this would be our weakest day and just had to hold on. This they did with Southland Boys High taking the lead from our second place by 18 minutes.

The end of the day took them to Tarras which was the starting point for day three where Constantin had a amazing 42km road bike coming in first over the other school teams by a few seconds. From here Harry was in his kayak for 39km down the Clutha river where they had some great supporters at the Albert Town bridge. Another great kayak by Harry (this time finishing fourth overall) gave them a big lead as he was right up there with the fastest in the day. Liam then jumped on his road bike for 50km to just Earnscleugh where he managed to stay up with the lead pack for a while which helped them a lot heading into Constantin’s 13km run for home in central Alexandra. They had an almost perfect day and won by 14 minutes over Southand Boys having gained 32 minutes on them in the final day.


An incredible effort that demostrated incredible passion, dedication, strength, and determination to bring the trophy to Enjoy Success!