Success Stories - Fred Zhang

Fred Zhang (International Student 2002/2003)

Winner of the Mount Aspiring College Proximae Accessit Award – highest mark in final exam for Maths, Stats & Physics + Winner Bursary for Maths Scholarship (Math score: 95%).

Fred Zhang arrived at the International Language Centre at Mount Aspiring College with a very basic command of the English language.

He attended our General English programme for 6 months and in that time progressed very well. In 2003 he moved into our integrated High School programme.

This was where he was given the opportunity to study alongside New Zealand students and absolutely astounded his Maths teacher (Mrs Ellwood) with his mathematical genius.

The following year he attending Dunedin University where his capabilities resulted in him gaining a place at Newcastle University in the UK. He was offered a place at the famous Oxford University but unfortunately didn’t have the necessary financial backing. After graduation from Newcastle he was offered a place in Paris to complete his Ph.D in Fluid Mechanics. This is where he currently is residing and studying.