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This page is supported by the Wanaka Alcohol Group (WAG) and initiatives from it’s AlcoholWise Wanaka (AWW) Campaign.

By supporting youth, parents and the community, the aim is to create parenting on the same wavelength and ultimately empowering our community to make positive choices for healthy living.

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Local Youth and Alcohol – A Snapshot

New findings from the “Harming Me, Harming You” 2020 youth research have been released.

    • Consistent with national trends, 43 percent of year 9 - 11 students classed themselves as regular drinkers.

    • Many are drinking alone, and the incidences of harmful behaviour, such as stealing alcohol, have risen.

    • Alcohol is harmful to a youth’s developing brain and we all have a part to play in reducing the normalisation of alcohol in our community.

    • A collaborative approach is being driven by the Wanaka Alcohol Group to reduce alcohol-related harm.

Full survey results can be found here.

Dr. Damian Scarf – ‘Teens, Alcohol and Devices’ Presentation Notes

Peer pressure – we all experience peer pressure but are we equipped to handle it ourselves and importantly, with respect to teens, alcohol, devices and other drugs that will come their way?

What is our answer to this pressure? What can parents and caregivers do to support teens as they grow up? How can the community support families navigate these important teenage years?

Building on previous sessions, the Wanaka Alcohol Group hosted an evening with Dr. Damian Scarf, senior lecturer from the Department of Psychology at the University of Otago and a selection of local social support groups. Topics explored were:

    • The challenges of peer pressure, self-esteem, social media, and alcohol/other drugs.

    • Health Risks and Social Implications including youth brain development.

    • Practical parenting tips and the importance of communication.

    • The latest research and how it relates to our local scene.

Video of the Mini Lectures

Video of Full Presentation

The Plan: Delay Teen Drinking

Fantastic resources and information to be found on this website - check the links below for the top topics of conversation.

Survey: ‘A parent’s perspective on youth and alcohol’ 2019

This second survey in the longitudinal study identified shifts in behaviours from 2017. The main shifts were around the source of ‘pressure to supply’ (from children to society) and who now supplies the underage youth (from parents to social peers). Here are a few of the findings but the full report is an interesting read.

Most parents didn’t feel pressure to supply their teenager(s) alcohol. However, where pressure was felt was more from ‘society in general’ than from particular adult groups such as friends or other parents.

Most parents felt able to stop or limit their teenager(s) drinking, and that they could talk to other adults about how to discourage their teenager(s) from drinking. However, not all parents recognised that their own drinking behaviour impacts that of their teenager(s).

The top three concerns for parents were their teenager(s) experiencing a motor vehicle accident, impacted brain development or sexual risk taking.

The question arises – how can we shift the pressure identified as being societal?

Survey: ‘A parent’s perspective on youth and alcohol’

This survey explored one quarter of the Mount Aspiring College parent population’s perspectives on alcohol consumption by under 18s.

It was found that the majority of respondents were comfortable with their young person consuming alcohol from 16 years of age, and over half of respondents supplied their young person with alcohol. However, there was a notion that parents felt pressured to supply the alcohol.

It was made apparent that alcohol harm reduction interventions need to be tied into a whole community objective of decoupling alcohol with normalisation. This can be achieved at three levels: increase personal ability to resist pressure; reduce social supply pressure; and change local social norms surrounding alcohol consumption.

Brainwave Trust Videos

Some great videos here from the Brainwave Trust. The Early Years Last Forever was the theme. Click on the links below for some engaging videos.

No Safe Limits Website

This months newsletter from the very informative No Safe Limits has a load of informative articles on all kinds of issues.

"As a parent you can provide your child with info about the effects of alcohol and support them to delay starting drinking."

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